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The Barefoot Lily Lady
Photo credit: Grandson George (age 3)

Hello, I’m Cindie Winquist. I’m a bit of a late-bloomer when it comes to writing. I was in my 50’s when I discovered I liked to write. I started by publishing “notes” on Facebook, but one day I told my husband Wayne that I was thinking about writing a blog. He’s a great one for helping me figure out the complexities of anything related to the computer or the internet, so I was delighted when he said he’d help me get started. Next thing I knew, I was a blogger.

Life took an unexpected turn when I began noticing my mom was having short-term memory issues. As I stepped in to help her navigate the path we soon learned was called Alzheimer’s, I began to write more about my journey of providing compassionate care for her.

Alzheimer’s is tough, and being a family caregiver is a somewhat thankless job. There were so many things to learn and decisions to be made. I wrote about all of those things and soon discovered I was not alone. There were others facing similar struggles. I also noticed that what I was writing was making a difference – it was helping other caregivers. It soon became my earnest desire to be an encouragement and support to others on a similar path in life.

Mom moved to her heavenly Home in May of 2020. My writing looks a little different now, as I am writing about some of my other passions (like grandkids, gardens and what I’m learning in the Scriptures), but I am committed to continue to reminisce and write about caring for someone facing memory loss. My goal is to offer caregiving suggestions and ideas based upon my own personal experience, and to share how my husband and I teamed up to make all of those difficult caregiving decisions together.

I’m also pretty passionate about barefoot gardening and am especially enamored with daylilies (well, any kind of lily). I’m known in my neighborhood as the Barefoot Lily Lady, hence my blogger name. The flower garden is definitely my happy place where you can find me just about any day of the week. I don’t have formal training, I just like to play in the dirt, take way too many pictures of whatever grows, and share about what I’m learning. Daylilies are definitely a favorite, but I’m also pretty in love with violets. And cheerful daffodils and tulips. And sunflowers. And succulents. And clematis…well, you get the picture.

During Wisconsin’s cold winter months, I love to find time to spend in my craft room – especially in the company of a grandkid or two – who honestly believe their grandma has super powers in that room. I confess to having a lot of quilt fabric, but not very many quilts to show for it.

I smell like cookies and cake. Well, at least that’s what someone recently told me. It’s because three days a week I get to bake for some of my favorite people in the whole world – the residents of BeeHive Assisted Living and Memory Care. BeeHive is the special place where my sweet momma spent the last year of her life, and now I have the privilege of making people happy by baking for them.

I would love to have you join me as I write about life and how I am discovering (over and over again) that, in good times and hard times,

God is good. All the time.

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