Meet Cindie

The Barefoot Lily Lady
Photo credit: Grandson George (age 3)

Cindie Winquist desires to encourage others in their faith and support those who are in the difficult place in life where she finds herself these days – providing compassionate care for her mother who is succumbing to the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Cindie writes of the tears and joy, the trials and triumphs, caregiving suggestions and ideas, and how she and her husband made caregiving decisions together, both big and small.

Cindie is in her happy place when playing in the dirt in her Fitchburg home’s garden…especially if a grandchild or two are “helping”. Gardening is her warm weather passion (until round about October when the weeds start ganging up on her and the mosquitoes think her to be very tasty indeed). She has no formal training, but loves to glean from the knowledge (and gardens) of others. She is especially enamored with daylilies. And violets. And tulips. And sunflowers. And daisies. And succulents. And clematis…

During Wisconsin’s cold winter months, she loves to find time to spend in her basement craft room – especially in the company of a grandkid or two – who honestly believe their grandma has super powers in that room. She confesses to having a lot of quilt fabric, but not very many quilts to show for it. When life settles down, she’d like to delve into that hobby a bit more.

Cindie, known in her neighborhood as the Barefoot Lily Lady, would love to have you join her as she writes about discovering (over and over again) that

God is good. All the time.