Coffee Tea Dying — Jo’s Country Junction

I wanted to introduce my readers to one of my favorite bloggers, Jo Kramer. Jo is a quilter extraordinaire who must have more than 24 hours in her day, judging from all she accomplishes even in the midst of a number of life challenges, including the homegoing of her husband and her own battle with a tricky cancer that plays hide & seek.

Working with her daughter Kalissa, Jo is also the queen of quilting and crafting tutorials. I share this particular post today hoping my crafty friends will enjoy this and that your lives, too, will be encouraged to press on.

Last week I showed this was #5 for the Dirty Dozen challenge. After some digging and sorting, I realized that the background is to light. The background has the stitching on it and the wool pieces around it are intended to be fabrics for the sheep. There is no way the sheep will show…

Coffee Tea Dying — Jo’s Country Junction