Looking Through Momma’s Eyes

The simplest things in life sometimes create the biggest obstacles in the life of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Momma loved to color. She would spend hours a day coloring intricately detailed designs in adult coloring books. For some reason, even though she has about 20 coloring books, she began losing interest.

One day I watched as she thumbed through a few of her favorite books. To my eyes, there were quite a few pages that were unfinished. I would suggest she color some more on a page and she would respond that it was already finished. I flipped through the books and realized she had indeed colored on every single page.

It was time to order some new ones.

It makes my heart glad seeing how Momma’s lack of interest in coloring was so simply solved. All it took was two brand new coloring books.

(The cookie might have helped a little too.)

Author: barefootlilylady

I love sharing about my barefoot gardening adventures, hence my blogger name. As I write, some of my other passions might spill out -- like fun with grandkids, baking and sewing endeavors, what I'm studying in Scripture, and the like. My readers will notice that one of the primary things I write about is Alzheimer's. May what I write be an encouragement to anyone who is a caregiver for someone they love with memory loss.

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