Wednesday’s Wisdom – When Climbing Trees is Wise

Loved my hubby’s blog post today, so thought I’d share it. Enjoy!

Know Your Flocks & Herds

is something special about climbing trees. When I was little, I liked climbing
trees and even built a tree house as a teen. Our son was also a tree climber.
He scared his mom with his tall tree adventures. And our granddaughter Violet
liked to climb trees and was especially fond of climbing our leaning crabapple
tree even before she was tall enough to do it safely. I added a rope to the
tree so that she could pull herself up on her own.

climbing seems normal for children, but when adults do it (if they aren’t tree
surgeons or tree trimmers) it can be peculiar or even questionable behavior.
But sometimes you must climb to accomplish a task. If you are lost or in
danger, climbing a tree might give you a vantage point to see something you
might not otherwise see on the ground or allow…

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Author: barefootlilylady

I love sharing about my barefoot gardening adventures, hence my blogger name. As I write, some of my other passions might spill out -- like fun with grandkids, baking and sewing endeavors, what I'm studying in Scripture, and the like. My readers will notice that one of the primary things I write about is Alzheimer's. May what I write be an encouragement to anyone who is a caregiver for someone they love with memory loss.

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