Charlie’s Jedi Birthday #10

meeting charlie
Meeting Charlie

After three beautiful granddaughters in a row, the Lord sent a little baby named Charlie, who reminded me that the world of little boys is a fun place for a grandma to be.

And on that day he made our lives all the richer and even more extraordinarily blessed.

Charlie’s kindness runs as deep as his smile is wide. He just loves coming to grandma’s house! We don’t even have to do anything special – just being here with us is a grand enough adventure for him. He enjoys crafts of any sort, drawing, Calvin and Hobbes, Legos, minerals (especially geodes), snakes and Star Wars.

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We just celebrated Charlie’s 10th birthday by baking and decorating a Jedi-themed cake together – ALMOST ‘Pinterest Fail’ worthy, but laughably fun to make and super delicious. Ten whole years! These first 10 years passed so very quickly, and I know that the next 10 will fly by with Jedi warp-drive speed. I suspect that in those years there will still be plenty of Charlie’s hugs for grandma, a lot of fishing with Papa, and a lot of doin’ nothin’ together – and his grandparents will love every single minute of it.

Whatever Charlie’s future holds, we are praying our grandson will seek the Lord with his whole heart. May he continue to shine that infectious smile and use his kind-hearted ways as a tool to spread the love of Jesus everywhere life takes him.

Blessed are those whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the LORD! 
Blessed are those who keep his testimonies
who seek him with their whole heart.
who also do no wrong, but walk in his ways.
Psalm 119:1,2

Five Minute Friday: Better

Fridays are date-night at our house. I always look forward to this weekly time away from the responsibilities of taking care of my mom, who has Alzheimer’s. We are so blessed to have a wonderful caregiver who spends time with Momma while we’re away. Tonight, courtesy of a generous gift card, we dined at a fancier-than-usual restaurant called Tornado. Well, the place wasn’t that fancy, but the food, service and menu prices were.

Last Friday night we were enjoying a dinner together at a restaurant that we were giving a second chance. While we dined, Wayne asked me if I had any goals for the new year. It was a good question and a great conversation starter. I’m not very good at making resolutions, and even worse at keeping them, but I had given  a little thought to some goals I would like to achieve. There were several areas where I wanted to do life better this year than last.

I didn’t mention the one thing that is always on my list of resolutions or goals – losing weight. I’ve taken steps in the right direction, but it still somehow eludes me. I’m going to still keep trying but, if I’ve learned anything in my years of chasing after that goal, it that there’s more to a better life than being the perfect weight.

Part way through my last decade of life, I realized that I like to write. I shared with my hubby that this year I want to get better at writing and be more intentional in the time I spend doing so. I have the aspiration of writing a book some day, but don’t have much of a plan for getting there.


I want to be a better gardener. In addition to spending more time with my hobby of cultivating a beautiful flower garden, I want to begin adding some nutritious veggies to my garden in 2019. Not enough that I would have to commit to canning or freezing, but enough to enjoy some fresh nutrition during the growing season.

I want to be a better grandmother. I feel as though my responsibilities in caring for my mother have sidelined (or at least diminished) my opportunities to spend time with my grand-blessings. I wanted us to be more intentional about carving out time for them. I’m thankful that Wayne has a similar goal this year, as this will be much easier to accomplish if we are like-minded in this endeavor.

My heart’s desire is to be a better student of God’s Word. Not just a daily devotional snacker, as has been my habit while caring for my mom, but an endeavor toward a deeper, life-changing study of God’s Word. I plan to review a favorite epistle – James), comparing it with the early chapters of Proverbs. I’ve discovered that James borrowed much from that book in his writing. I’m also going to delve into a book I have read, but never studied – Hosea. May the Lord give me a better understanding of His precious Word.

I know! I know! I’m late again! This slightly tardy post was brought to you courtesy of Kate Motaung’s blog Five Minute Friday and the word “better.” Wanna-be writers like me set the timer for five minutes and then free write on the posted word of the week. I think I wrote for about five minutes, but switched to a different Word Press editor (something about boxes or blocks). I sort of like it…but there is a definite formatting learning curve in it for me where it comes to adding pictures.

Looking Through Momma’s Eyes

The simplest things in life sometimes create the biggest obstacles in the life of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Momma loved to color. She would spend hours a day coloring intricately detailed designs in adult coloring books. For some reason, even though she has about 20 coloring books, she began losing interest.

One day I watched as she thumbed through a few of her favorite books. To my eyes, there were quite a few pages that were unfinished. I would suggest she color some more on a page and she would respond that it was already finished. I flipped through the books and realized she had indeed colored on every single page.

It was time to order some new ones.

It makes my heart glad seeing how Momma’s lack of interest in coloring was so simply solved. All it took was two brand new coloring books.

(The cookie might have helped a little too.)

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Happy New Year, friends!

This morning Facebook brought up a “memory” for me to enjoy with this post from four years ago today:

Janurary 1, 2015

In helping my mom with paper clutter, I found the family cookbook compiled for the Peet family reunion in 2000. Mom’s not doing much cooking lately, so I took it home to explore some of the recipes. Found a story on one of her recipe submissions that I’d never heard my mom tell before.

I loved the last bit where she reminisced about her own mother, sharing,  “My Mom was a good cook and if you arrived unexpected at dinner time she always had room at the table and enough food to go around.” Mom added her own memory of the first time she made this recipe, reminiscing, “This is the first cake I tried to make after I got married. In fact, the date was January 1, 1955.” (I think it was probably 1956, as mom and dad were married in July of 1955.) She added, ” there was no cake – all bottom or top – depending which way you look at it. I had copied 1 1/2 tablespoons instead of 1 1/2 cups. It took me three tries before I got it right.”

It’s kind of hard to believe that four years ago today, this woman who, as of the past few days, can no longer tie her own shoes was living on her own and still doing simple meal preparation. Because the effects of Alzheimer’s had been noticeably present for quite some time, I was making frequent visits to help her out, often making meals for the week that she could warm up in the microwave. She may not have been cooking much, but she was still driving, doing her own grocery shopping, going to a weekly hair appointment. She was having trouble walking, but was still busily working in her garden, oftentimes worrying her neighbors because she’d spend the whole day out there with very few breaks. Now, she can hardly walk the 10 or so feet from her bedside to the bathroom. Back then she was still doing her own laundry – much to our dismay because that required going up and down stairs with her very unreliable knees. Now, she has a hard time figuring out how to fold a washcloth or towel.

In 2015 we knew that significant changes were on the horizon. We just had no idea how many changes there would be. Looking back, it’s easy to see how God was at work, guiding our steps, giving wisdom for decision-making, protecting Momma when we couldn’t be there, providing help when help was needed, and making each of us ready for the changes ahead of us.

It’s now the first day of 2019. We are seeing changes in mom’s physical and mental health almost daily. Mom now needs our help for nearly everything. One advantage of having walked through some difficult places in the past few years is the knowledge that our God was faithful in meeting our needs in the past, and He will not stop caring for mom in the days ahead.

We don’t know what 2019 holds for us, but we know who holds tomorrow.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Finding Joy

I’ve been working on sorting through some of momma’s old photos so that my daughter can help me get them into a memory album for my mom (and for me). I thought of this blog post from almost three years ago. As I read it once again I was reminded of how God has faithfully guided each and every step my husband and I have taken in caring for both my mom and my brother.

Barefoot Lily Lady

 Facebook Journal Entry – February 2, 2016
Today could have been a very discouraging day. It seemed the Enemy was definitely intent on throwing into my path every obstacle he could muster as I tried to minister to my mom and brother.
It was obvious to me that from the moment mom awoke, her state of confusion was worse than I had ever seen it. As she stood in the middle of the kitchen of the home she and dad had built in 1962, she looked at me and said, “I’m really in a fog. I can’t remember where anything is. This doesn’t even look like my kitchen.”
My heart sank. Mom’s dementia was on the move again, claiming another piece of her short-term memory – and maybe even a little bit of her long-term memory as well. Together, we made it through the morning, enjoying one another’s company…

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